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Covid-19 Policy & Service Updates:

Thank you for visiting!

I am open for event services. Your safety is important to me as is my own. In that spirit I am still available for live events and have added some new services and precautions to help make events safer for you and your guests.

  1. I now offer livestream services if you need remote entertainment for your event.

  2. I now also have a new system in place for making your music requests directly from your smart phone.

  3. Disposable Microphone covers


I now offer livestream services for remote events if you prefer. Livestreams will be broadcast via twitch or here on Vapor Entertainments website. Request services are available for both streamed and live events.

Request Service:

My new request service works in 2 ways. It's as simple as snapping a shot of a QR Code with your smart phone that will be provided for your event or following the web URL provided to you and your guests. You will then be redirected to the request service where you can make requests and text the DJ. This is to help achieve safe social distancing at events.

Microphone Covers:

With the high risk of Covid-19, I understand the need for safety. As such, disposable microphone covers are available. Covers will be changed and properly disposed of in between each speakers presentation. Microphones will also be cleaned and sterilized in between uses.

Thanks for taking the time to read my recent updates. I look forward to entertaining you and your guests soon! Thank you for visiting Vapor Entertainment

DJ Vapor

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